UVA at Notre Dame thread

6:00 PM start Saturday in South Bend, televised on ACC Network.

Notre Dame’s Resume

Notre Dame is 13-6 overall, tied for second place in the ACC at 6-2. Only at 72 in the NET Ranking though.

The Irish are a perfect 8-0 at home, including wins over Kentucky and North Carolina. They’re playing really well of late, winning 9 of their last 10. Brey has them on path to break their four-year NCAA Tourney drought.


It’s an old team. Seven-man rotation with six seniors. They all average 20+ minutes.

Point guard Prentiss Hubb (8.3 PPG) has seen his numbers dip this season, but he’s still the guy they trust with the ball in key moments. Potential one-and-done freshman Blake Wesley (15.0 PPG) is an electric athlete, loves to attack to the basket. Wing Dane Goodwin (15.3 PPG) is an elite shooter, 49% from three. He’s a crafty interior scorer too, great in the mid post.

Stretch-big Nate Laszewski (8.9 PPG) has come on strong after a rough start to the season. He’ll do most of his damage from behind the arc, hitting 46%. Grad transfer Paul Atkinson (11.4 PPG) is more of a rugged interior player, scores very efficiently around the basket and is active on the offensive glass. They’ve been starting both of those guys together. Against UVA, they’ll probably use that lineup more than usual. But there will be some four-guard looks with Goodwin sliding down.

A pair of former transfers come off the bench, Cormac Ryan (7.8 PPG) and Trey Wertz (4.5 PPG). Both guards with good size that can shoot it.


It’s a really good offensive team, way better than the full season metrics show. They take and make a lot of threes, second in the ACC in both categories. The freshman Wesley has given them a new dimension as a guy who can create his own. Not great defensively. Pretty poor on the interior in particular without a true rim protector. They’re last in the league in blocked shots.

UVA has to stay with shooters. And that includes the big guys. Goodwin could be a problem. Bennett will have to make a decision when they go small, whether to match it or try to maximize Gardner offensively. Reece!! vs Wesley should be fun.


Really going to have to avoid a patented 4-10 minute scoring drought here if we want to be in it. Because they’re gonna hit some threes


The team with the most points at the end wi win the game.


It’s kind of funny that Blake Wesley is a one and done. Carousing the Purdue Indiana boards the last year over recruiting info, both their mods said he wasn’t a take for either program (not sure if talent wise or because of other factors). Kid was only ranked #120 in the 2021 class #abolishrankings #weneedtofindthose75to125rankedstudsagainlikeJoeHarrisandBrogdon

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Their crowd has really been behind them as well. We need to go in with high energy in what will proly be a dreary day in dreary South Bend.

Go Hoos!


we will not avoid droughts. thats a signature of this team.

Looking at the remaining 10 games.

UVA will be certain underdogs in half, at ND, at Duke, at VT, at Miami, vs Duke
close to toss ups in three, vs Miami, vs FSU, at Lousville
Clear favorite in two…vs BC, vs GT

How many do they win?

  • 4 or fewer
  • 5
  • 6 or more

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@HoozGotNext How do you make a poll? We are 3-0 when I don’t watch, but it’s prime time watching tonight. I need to board to tell me what to do :rofl:


We need you today. WatchOurHoos!


Watch the hame we need all Hoos support. Huge stretch here magic number is 6


Just saw Laphanso Ellis joined twitter today. Coincedence? I think not


When you see the guy outside cutting your cable and internet, I’m just doing what I have to do.


Understood. Thanks for the heads up!

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Will be some UVa fans there. My son is coming over with a bus load from Chicago.


This write-up did not make me feel optimistic. Elite shooters, and we don’t really have an answer to shooting big men this year (see some Taine at the 4 today? or Shed defending out to the arc when we go Twin Towers?).

Feels like one of those games where we can take advantage attacking the interior, but you still end up trading 2s for 3s, which is really tough.

Hope Reece can frustrate the young kid into mistakes and we can get some run-outs going.

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I’ll enjoy seeing Wesley and seeing Reece (Reece!) try to limit him. I’ll enjoy seeing J/Kadin work over Nate L and the Yalie and ignoring the arithmetic that 3>2. I always enjoy watching Brey coaching just look like he came from Chili’s 2-for-1 margarita happy hour. Go Hoos!

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You don’t even need to post the poll. For me, it’s Steve Vasturia.

I should also point out that one of my favorite non Wahoo college hoops moments is watching ND beat Duke at the ACCt. that was the year Duke won it and ND nearly beat UK. Jerian Grant, Pat Connaughton, Zach Auguste, etc

not sure i can do a poll from my phone will wait until i get home Dont know Steve Vasturia but am curious


Kind of a journeyman SG in the Bonzie Colson era, but great shooter and decent defender. The kind of Jersey kid that made us think we could all be great. Like Pete McLaughlin and Bruce Springsteen.

Ugh, Vasturia is Philly! So much for my memory