UVA at UNC thread (Sat 6pm)

6:00 pm on ESPN


Oh for fuck’s sake I thought basketball season was over


Carolina sucks?


Honestly, if we lose by a few but look like we are getting our shit together, even a bit, I’ll be fine. I’ll be frustrated but hopeful.


I actually agree with this. I want to win but I expect UNC to play very well and be highly motivated. I just hope we can match their intensity and break out of the funk. If we do that win or lose it bodes well and we can hopefully close out with wins at home and head into the postseason with some momentum.


Anything less than a W is disappointing.

Predicting big game from Shedrick/Papi, we take the foot off the BVP gas, and Armaan/Isaac/Kihei conbine for 10 threes. Dunn and Reece with some stellar D.

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I’ve been saying “surely this is the game where UNC starts taking this season seriously” for about a month now, so of course it will happen against us.


Care more about how we shoot than the result of the game tbh

There’s only one thing to do to right the ship. Tony breaks out the orange classic look(early 80s jersey) for the road game at UNC.


Ordinarily I would agree with this. This Carolina team looks disinterested right now. Read something the other day that RJ Davis ‘s ex girlfriend is dating Love?, apparently that’s causing some riff.? They do look like a team that’s ready to move on from Unc hoops. Also they might be expecting a mass exodus via the portal during the offseason?
We need to make shots says captain obvious.

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The rumors surrounding UNC’s implosion are greatly exaggerated. Yes they’re struggling, losing 5 of 6, but those five losses were all against Top Half ACC teams: Wake, Pitt, Duke, Miami, and NC State, and all were by single-digit margins. They also waxed Clemson in that span.

Also the Love/Davis girlfriend situation sounds pretty bullsh*t internet rumor. I wouldn’t put any stock in it.

They’re motivated to beat us, especially since they feel we stole the first meeting with Bacot and Nance’s injuries.


Gonna be really tough. Especially if BVP and Reece play like they have the last 3 or 4 games or so. Hopefully we’ll see big games out of the both of them. They are due.

And hopefully we get bounce back games from Kihei and Armaan, as both of them had been playing pretty well, but were terrible against BC.

Kihei and Reece just got outplayed by Makai Ashton-Langford and Jaeden Zackery. That’s not good. Now they go head to head with 5-star upperclassmen Final Four vets Caleb Love and RJ Davis.

Don’t sleep on how Armaan been playing.

Before last game Armaan was 18 of his last 32 from the field with 2 turnovers in his 3 previous games. Definitely not sleeping.


Yep it was a rough game. Fortunately Kihei has been playing well for awhile (other than an average game against NCST), so it was more a 1 off. We need Reece to get back in that groove.

“If you can’t be Kyle Guy, then be a goldfish” - that’s all this team needs to know about the shooting woes of February


Just got offered a ticket to sit with Jay Huff’s high school coach at the game tomorrow …
10th row top of the key … worried it could be painful. :confused: :confused:


After Alabama got embarrassed by Oklahoma, three days later they flexed hard against Vanderbilt. I’d like to see similar fire with our guys (no, not destroying UNC, but showing some heart and mettle).