UVA Is Out of ACCT After Positive Covid Test

Positive COVID Test for UVa.

Let’s hope it doesn’t affect NCAAT. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:



Is there a source? And positive test or contact tracing?

Probably. Contact tracing will likely reveal others who will need to quarantine

So do we think we’re done for the year…?

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Seven consecutive days of negative tests to enter the Indy bubble? Don’t see that happening.

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Very disappointing the way we got out. We had beaten GT before and I believe we would have done it again. No news of us being out of the NCCA Tournament, doubt that will be the case right now.

UVA Basketball refusing to lose their last game of the season three years running.


That was a fun season I guess

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Damn it. No tournament? Are we serious?

I don’t see how we clear protocols if it’s a positive test. It’s over


I mean, what happens here if more top teams go down? Could we see a scenario of pushing the tournament back a week or two if, let’s say, 3 top 10 teams encounter this?

This puts the committee in a really weird position. Do you give us a spot in the hopes that we get through all the requirements for Indy, or do you keep us out to prevent a cancellation in the first round?

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Ha. Just saw your handle. Good work

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We’re not done yet. 7 days til first game. We CAN still be selected and put in a Sat/Mon bracket. If min 5 players dont clear the 7 straight neg tests the tourney can replace us with one of the bubble teams