UVA January Discussion Thread (and Happy New Year)

Saw this tweet from a group that I believe @SeanJCrow is a part of.

Reece Guy Hunter Murphy Atkins is clearly the best 5 you can pick in terms of fit together.


How are you feeling about UVA basketball right now?

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Will we win the ACC regular season?

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How are you doing/feeling in general in life right now? (figured I might ask with the holiday season, seasonal depression due to lack of sunlight, and just the external stresses of the world)

Out of 10.

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I saw this last night and thought my picks were easy:

G: Ty Jerome
G: Reece Beekman (maybe could be convinced to pick JA)
F: Trey Murphy
F: Braxton Key
F: Mamadi Diakite

The shooting and defense with the slashing of Reece and creativity of Jerome

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I’ll go:
Reece, Brogdon, Key, Gill and Mitchell and we’ll win every game 33-2…
Definitely will be trapping and pressing…

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Sean singletary free?


Spacing might be an issue at times, but I dare teams to try and score on that lineup.

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I feel a lot better after yesterday’s win than after Albany. Still just beat a shitty team, but we seemed to play with much more purpose rather than just having more talent. There’s no doubt about it: Reece makes this team go.

I’m still not sure how good we really are. Our current ranking feels somewhere in the neighborhood of right.


I feel slightly better than I thought I would about this team. Coming in au thought they could be a solid 14ish ranked team. The hot start gave us some fools gold and some hope with a preview of what could be.

The losses don’t bother me tight games against Miami and Houston both are very good teams if Wong keeps it up for Miami they could have a special year.

The wins against JMU Albany are examples of the low points and what happens if things go off the rails.

Not a lot of room for error but overall very good for what’s essentially a transitional year.


Offensive rating for Shedrick is misleading. Most of his shots are point blank, if not dunks, that are set up by others. He takes relatively few shots and the types he takes don’t really come with much risk of missing.


I agree with your general point, but I think your post actually shows that there IS room for error. We struggled all game with JMU and Florida State, and in the first half against Albany and Georgia Tech. But we DID win. That’s the room for error. Being able to win when we’re not at our best.

Last year was much different. If we weren’t firing on all cylinders, we almost certainly were going to lose. This year, even if we’re not at our best, we can beat mediocre or above-average teams, and still have a shot at the good teams. If we’re at our best, like we were against Baylor, I think we can beat anybody. (Not that we will. Just that we can.)

I’d also emphasize that we haven’t had a healthy Reece since the Michigan game, and that’s a huge factor. Without Reece at full strength, our ceiling is a good offense and pretty good defense. With Reece, we can be very good on offense and elite on defense.


Great points

This is the key difference and the part I missed on. An off night is not a lost night this season. The ceiling is so much higher.


I’m feeling like what will hold us back is that we are average in the 4-5 area and we don’t have that alpha guy who can carry us offensively when the shots aren’t falling: e.g., Dre Hunter.

We have a good to very good team that can win the ACC but I think our ceiling is Sweet 16 to Elite 8.

And that’s a helluva good ceiling to have, I’d be good with that this season.


I think Kadin is the next Tobey-esque big at UVa. Potential is always there and we get glimpses of greatness, but not sure he ever developes enough to play night in, night out that way (senior day Tobey). Really hope I’m wrong, because a “turned on” Kadin makes this a very scary team if we can shoot anywhere near 35% from 3 consistently.


His problem, aside from mental lapses on D, is outside of dunks and the occasional put back he gives us nothing on offense. No post threat or threat to step out.


I hate to see the 1’s, 2’s, and 3’s on the “How are you feeling” poll above. I’m not in that range right now, but I’ve been there far too often in my life. Hang in there. Reach out for support if you need it. From a therapist, friend, or even the kind folks on LRA.

Lately I’ve been listening to a really good podcast on the science of happiness: “The Happiness Lab with Laurie Santos.” It’s really great listening and provides not only insight into our brains but strategies for living a happier life. I liked it so much I decided to take Laurie Santos’s happiness course at Yale (free online course). Highly recommend both the podcast and the course. Even for those who are already a 7 out of 10.


With 16.18 left in the second half, Michigan is beating Maryland 52 - 20. Makes me happy and I don’t particularly care for Michigan but I’ve expressed my feelings towards Maryland on this board in the past.


I am willing to be patient with Kadin. Our bigs are all slow to develop. I think that he played more was better last year than Diakite and Huff were as RS Sophs. I don’t think it all came together for Mamadi until the NCAAs his junior year and Jay was always inconsistent. Sometimes awesome and at others he disappeared. After not playing much against Miami I think TB has used the last couple games to give him playing time and to coach him up. He seems to be talking to him slot. The season is still pretty young. Let’s see how it goes.


The trend line for Mamadi was pretty consistent though. Definitely feels like more ups and downs with Kadin. I’m still hopeful but I think his ceiling is more limited than I originally believed.

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