UNC Game thread. Y’all have predictions/expectations?

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Good way to start the game with all this news. Howell may throw for 500 yards. We need to knock him out

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Secondary :weary:

I was trying to type in, “How long before North Carolina throws it deep against our defense?” but before I could type this in, they did, and they scored.

I’m shocked that davante cross is still terrible


There can’t possibly be a Power 5 team with worse cornerbacks that we have. It’s just absurd.

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I never played college football, but as bad as our deep pass defense is, why don’t we do something different on defense, so at least not to be so predictable?

Is Lavel Davis, Jr. playing tonight? The announcer just said no.

Okay, because we know what UNC is going to do once they get the ball, why not let’s do only onside kickoffs?

And what has happened to our field goal kicker? :upside_down_face:


Bout to get lit up through the ait buckle in.

“I wanna talk to Simpson. Fly me to The moon…”

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You cannot whiff on a clean shot on Howell. That’s poor fundamentals

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At least unc didnt score in 2 plays…

Looks like we’re getting a Big 12 shootout tonight

That implies the hoos can score the ball

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Awful tackling!!!

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The Virginia offense is hard to watch.

I read this board before turning the game on. Assumed we were down a couple scores. haha


Hah all square oddly enough. Usual story. Defense gets blown out. Offense relies in gimmicks

Cornerbacks killing us again on this drive. PI on Cross on 3nd and long keeps the drive alive and then Grant whiffs on what should have been a TFL that would have forced a punt.

You just can’t be a good defensive team with lousy CB play.


So was the whistle blown? Cause that’s a fumble, can’t believe they didn’t go after with more urgency if they didn’t hear a whistle.