Virginia lands ECU transfer Jayden Gardner

Is it just me, or does Gardner appear to have that below-the-rim “old guy” game? The old guy at the gym/playground that doesn’t look like he should do much, but is strong as a bull and nobody can stop him.

Of course at my age, the “old guy” is now probably at least 5 years younger than me.


This is literally the exact comp that one of my friends (ECU alum) told me about Gardner lol
He said he’s like the old guy in the YMCA that no one can stop.


That was my first impression when seeing that video. I’m trying to find a UVA comp and can only get Reuter but more active.

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Definitely not exact, but if we’re looking at close, think Gill is also a comp. At least out of our majorly contributors in the Bennett era, he seems most similar.

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Gill didn’t mind banging around in the paint but he wasn’t a below-the-rim guy. He loved to dunk the ball.

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Anybody that thinks Gardner can’t throw one down has the wrong idea. He can throw one down and I’ve seen him slam some alleys too. I wouldn’t say he’s an above the rim player by any means. But some are taking it too far lol. He can definitely throw one down.


Elton Brown?

Reminds me of Junior Burrough

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The thing I keep coming back to as I watch more Gardner highlights is just how difficult some of these shots are. It’s clear he was the only major offensive threat ECU had. He’s often forced to finish at the rim around 2 (and even sometimes 3) defenders. If we can have any sort offensive firepower outside of him he’s going to be very very good on offense. 1 on 1 in the post he’s very hard to stop given all of the ways he can finish.


Score 2000 pts in college without ever being able to slip a piece of paper under his shoes on the court.


Think yall have the wrong Junior B


Of the Bennett era guys, I think Gill is the natural comp based on Gardner’s frame and skill set. However, watching his tape reminds me more of Dre than AG. His high post pull-up/dribble-drive looks a lot like Dre. He also seems much more comfortable playing face up instead of with his back to the basket. I don’t see the long range shooting or defensive versatility of Dre so hopefully Franklin, Stattmann and a possible third transfer can provide those qualities from the wing.

I agree. From what I remember, Junior had some pretty good hops.

Oh big time. He was always matched with long athletic guys too. Rasheed Joe Duncan.


I’ve been begging for a guy who could play like June in the post. His footwork, his up and under move, he was an expert at using his size. If Gardner can do that we’re gonna be really happy.


I don’t doubt he had ups, but I can’t remember many in game dunks… On the same team, I remember Chris Alexander throwing it down quite a bit, so I don’t think I’m misremembering. And, FTR, I think Junior was an amazing player, arguably our best 4 ever, especially with the way he carried us to an elite 8.


I get it. OK we good now! I am all in for Gardner to be great for us for the record. June was special from day one and with a step or two June could really fly


The real question is what player under Tony Bennet most resembles @DFresh11

Ha. that really is.

Gill much more springy…