Virginia - Ohio NCAA tourney rewatch (do not read this thread / please move along)

If you choose to ignore that advice, and read this thread anyway, I can’t be held morally responsible.

Extended highlights:

Full game:

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Hopefully Sam comes out shooting well tonight


I’ll start the hot takes, w/o the benefit of a rewatch:

  • Planning to rely on perimeter shooting seemed like a good idea, in a vacuum – our best offensive attribute was perimeter shooting
  • But how does a layoff affect perimeter shooting? My guess is not well
  • Ohio was a bad defensive team in general and a REALLY HONKIN BAD defensive team defending the rim
  • Yet, we mostly chose not to do that (attack the rim)
  • Until the last ~5 minutes or so of the game, when it worked really well, and we scored a lot of points quickly, but so did they

Really hot take – don’t even read. Close your eyes. Tony has done a really bad job game planning for NCAA game 1s, and is slow to adjust to what he sees. As I type this, I’m pretty sure DJ Laster just slipped another screen and scored on Jack Salt again. If you wanna sing out, sing out! And If you want to play slow, play slow! But the next line is, but if you pay slow, then you have to adjust FAST, but Tony wants to play slow and adjust slow, and that’s bad, and it’s been a contributory factor in our NCAA round 1 underperformance. Okay, you can open your eyes again. I hope nobody read that.