Virginia vs. Duke Saturday 11/18 3PM

Loved getting this in my inbox this morning


Nailed it brother. Dude put on some gasoline boots and walked through hell. And with a win next weekend be beats the Vegas odds makers wrong and does something that has only happened twice in the lifetime of any of his players outside of a 35 yr old kicker.

It’s not great and there are holes but give the man his flowers he’s made chicken salad out of something most would have run away from.


Maybe I should be more worried about our young studs getting poached than I am. (Probably I should be. We’ll know soon.) But I get the impression this team has formed some very strong bonds, both with each other and the coaching staff. If we can’t compete with the big bag-droppers, making sure the guys love to be here and are committed to each other is pretty much what we have to do to retain them. And that appears to be a strength of Coach Elliott’s.


If they stay together, Colandrea, Harrison, Robinson, Walker and Hardy are a nice nucleus around which to build.


If players have bought into what CTE is selling, then I don’t think the portal is as scary as people are making it out to be. I know, I know, money talks and “buying into CTE’s vision” walks, but I don’t think we’re looking at a mass exodus.