Way too early 2023 Recruiting

This will be the Monday after McKneely and Traudt’s visit weekend finishes. That’ll be a busy week. The 15th is reach out day, the first time coaches can contact 2023 recruits directly. Then they’ll hit the road on Friday for the scholastic live period.


I would bet UK will be hard to beat but UVa seems to really be pursing the kid. I see Getter must be the assistant leading the charge. Eager to see what happens with him in the road rather than Soderberg.

I fell down a streaming wormhole last weekend and wound up watching one of Sheppard’s games. He’s really really good. Can play on or off the ball, shoots it, makes plays for others, and can defend too. He’ll be a big time recruit. Fits perfectly into what UVA will be after for 2023. A do it all guard and a center if things go as scripted for 2022.


Is he the kid who is a double Kentucky legacy?

yeah Jeff Sheppard’s son. He played at Kentucky in the 90s.

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why was I thinking Scott Shephard?

Sheppard… whatever ha

Oh come on, why are we bothering?


Rumor has it pops aint a huge fan of Cal. Also seems like the geographically local kid that Kentucky fans want to recruit but their staff passes on in favor of 5 stars. However this season may have changed that approach just a little.

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If Kentucky really wants a player, does it matter if his dad went there? We’re 4 months away from actual 2023 recruiting, when decisions have to be made. The picture will be a little clearer by then. This is like preseason.


C’mon. The pressure of being a KY legacy has got to be tough. Peyton Manning didn’t go to Ol’ Miss. UVA has got to go hard for kids like this.

Virginia will be a player in this recruitment!


Might as well plug in all the other reports about '23 kids in recent weeks.


Is Reid, Colin’s kid?

No he’s not Colin Ducharme’s son.

Have to guess it’s Colin’s nephew then.

Poster on the UK board said Sheppard really likes UVa, and we’re the favs. But there’s also a lot of debate on their board about Cal and the family, and how hard UK will go after him.


This could be an early commit like Guy and McKneely!


Nice read on Sheppard…

I am ready to have my heart broken again