Why Did Doug Doughty ask Ty if he knew a 16 seed had never won?

Doug joins the podcast to explain…

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Sorry, 1:20 in and apologizing for Doughty. All I needed to hear. Wholeheartedly disagree.

Best case scenario? He’s an awful reporter. Only an idiot would ask that question. Only a mean spirited idiot would ask it when he did.

Worst case scenario? He was trying to be a d-bag and he was successful in his endeavor.


I knew some reporter had asked. Couldnt imagine it was one of our local guys


Exactly! You don’t think that a basketball player in the ACC, who grew up playing basketball and watching the tournament *didn’t know that a 16 never lost to a 1?

How could they not? They mention it EVERY year.

Best case scenario he’s an airhead. Worst case he was trying to twist the knife and get a reaction. Also- I assume during the interview someone had already asked the group a similar question or somehow made it known, otherwise Ty wouldn’t have answered in that way.

Now he’s trying to make a fake amends or pretend that he meant Something different.


Sorry, I can’t listen to Doug. The J Willy show was great the other day though.


JWilly show delivers every time


Really hard go make sense of it. But if @Marktykobe can forgive him…


In the podcast, Doughty claims “I only asked the question because I didn’t know beforehand.”
Doughty article 2 years before his question

From the linked article by Doughty…“Sixteenth-seeded teams have gone 0-124 against No. 1 seeds since the field for the NCAA Tournament was expanded to 64.”

Doughty is a liar.


@Wahoos, Thanks for proving that Doughty is a liar. I live in Southwest Virginia and I grew up with the choice of 2 papers to read. Winston Salem Journal and the Roanoke Times. The Journal hardly ever mentioned UVA so we got the Roanoke paper. To make it short I’ve hated Doughty since I was a kid. I couldn’t understand why this guy was the UVA reporter because it was obvious he didn’t like them Practically every article he wrote about UVA (win or lose) would piss me off because of the obvious bias he had against UVA. I never could understand why he was doing UVA sports. I couldn’t stand the Journal because of no UVA coverage and the writers showed their bias for all the ACC teams in Carolina. Why did the only source I had for UVA sports have to be so damn biased against them?


I use tu think UVA fans were being tu hard on him. Than I kept seeing more and more reasons why. I dont agree about being bias for a team. I like the objective journalist. So I dont buy intu not telling it like it is but I understood UVA fans frustration with him. When I saw that article Wahoo posted about him talking about the NCAA seeds. He deserve everything he get from us and I dont know who MarkTobey is and why he forgive him. But Im sure not forgiving him and I didnt watch this podcast and wont read or watch any of his material IN the future. He is a grown ass man and tu arrogant tu admit he was wrong. He really didnt know the answer. Yeah right. He straight up lied. Show some professionalism and integrity. Just say it was a bad question and I shouldnt have asked it. My bad and please tell Ty I apologize. Its not my first mistake and it wont be my last. I am human and there are times I will make mistakes. And this was one of those tines. Tell Ty I will gladly take him tu lunch when he is in town. He is a great young man and I was wrong for asking him that question.


Oh wow, someone just told me about the kihei part in the beginning and throwing Mark under the bus. Again, why would Doug do that? I would snuff him the next time I saw him. There was no need tu say that. I have no idea how Mark see that as being a nice guy. But thats my opinion.


I think he’s Mike’s brother


lol @PlainHOOfresne

definitely not a fan of his work on roanoke.

I always thought he was catering to his Vtech audience, for those hate-reading.

He is a UVa alum, seems like he tried to be objective and not a fan for so long now…it became real.

I thought it was interesting to hear from him…I always wondered what he would say about why he asked Ty that…

I had no idea we would get hate dm’s and messages for just having him on.


Oh ok. I apologize Tobey brother. I honestly didnt know. No disrespect intended.

NOW THATS FOUL MERCH!! You shouldnt get those emails and messages. Tell them tu kiss your ass. Thats not cool and its not that serious. Send me a DM and let me know if you need my goons tu come out. But seriously, we are better than this and I won’t say anything else negative about this topic. Matter of fact please erase my post. Im not saying my post is the reason people are acting like idiots. I just dont want tu be part of anything that try tu suppress people opportunities or choices. Yall can interview Coach K and I still wouldnt do that. I wont listen but I wouldnt act like an idiot and threaten people.

Bonner is a Hoo too. I’m certainly not comparing the two but Bonner seemed to go out of his way to be…“even.” So much so, that he wound up not sounding even, but closer to a homer…for the other team.

And if he is ever involved in a broadcast between UVa and Tech, I CANNOT watch. I don’t need to hear about his wonderful Hokie daughter-in-law and all of his adorable Hokie grandkids anymore than I already have.

I will say I was probably too harsh on him. My opinion of him was based on reading him back in the 70’s and 80’s. Maybe he was trying to be what he thought was fair but it didn’t come across well. However it wasn’t fair for me to judge him solely on my experience with him so many years ago. I will admit as a diehard fan that I am biased so maybe I shouldn’t have wrote it . I certainly don’t know anything about him now so for now I will give him the benefit of the doubt. Except for what he said to Ty. He knew the answer to that question

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I only just listened to him until the Ty question was brought up and then I turned it off. So tonight I will try to listen to the rest of the podcast

PlainHOOfresne is pulling your leg. The handle is actually marktykobe, and it belongs to Mark Jerome


Its crazy. Let me tell you how real I am. LOL. I dont look at names. I just reply tu the post. I dont show favoritism or wont say something becsuse we are cool. I am just replying tu the post unless somebody try tu call me out. Than I look.