Why Did Doug Doughty ask Ty if he knew a 16 seed had never won?

No he said they were like why is that 5’6 little guy playing at all. Than he made it appear it went on for some time. Now I heard many stories about Mark not being happy with the program early on but it wasnt cool when Doug talked about not liking a player. Than when Mark was trying tu laugh it off. He made sure tu state they both were concerned. SMH

STITH WAS EFFING AWESOME. Second or third best player in UVA history.


What do post withdrawn mean. The poster changed his or her mind or Locker Room deleted it. Thank You!!

I don’t think it’s debatable, Stith was second best player ever at UVA.


Yeah it was weird. It took me a second to realize he was talking about Mark. I heard it but said to myself no way he would make that public. He’s an oddball.

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I was thinking the same thing

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You know better than me Durty but many people say Wally Walker. I think thats his name.

I’m not old enough to evaluate Wally Walker, Tu. I’m sure he was great but in my lifetime Stith was a cut above everyone but Ralph.

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Yes I agree and please. I meant no disrespect. I know you have alot of background. My bad.

Imma have to listen to the podcast now. I was on there and did it but dont remember the details. This discussion is great

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