Wild & Wacky Winter of Wooing Wings - Recruiting Rundown

The other threads have gotten long.


I hope we offer and can close on Taylor and McNeely soon. Then we could focus efforts on a 4/5 combo and a PG. The 4/5 could come via grad-transfer, transfer, ‘21, or ‘22. The PG would hopefully be a ‘22 for spacing purposes. We could still see a transfer or someone leave early, which could open another scholly.

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I would like Taylor a lot better if we hadn’t landed Murray. Keels has put us in a tough spot with McNeely it seems because I believe that we could close out his recruitment with a push now. Keels not announcing (and appearing unlikely until the spring period to see how the Duke roster shakes out) puts us in a bind if CTB wants to hang in there, which he normally doesn’t do. I think the spring will be very helpful to us in identifying the big we wanted but didn’t get with Kaufman - either by transfer or seeing new HS players as their season progresses. There are a lot of 22/23 potentials out there - and we haven’t even seen what reclasses may come into play. I kinda hope that Trey Murphy gets his waiver this year so that we have certainty with the 2023 scholarship situation.


Waiver doesn’t impact 2023 class. Trey will have the same amount of eligibility either way and sounds like he’ll be gone after 21-22 either way.

I guess what I was trying to say is that if he redshirt this year, he still has 2 years of eligibility. Given his talent level, I’d rather burn the 2 years starting now, rather than having the possibility of him playing the 2022-23 season or going pro early.

He still has two years of eligibility whether he redshirts or not. This year doesn’t count towards eligibility.

You’re right. Forgot about the freebie extra year

HGN, several weeks ago you made a comment, something to the effect of losing to gain. Are you able to elaborate now, after signing day?

Any more context to remind me? I talk so much about this stuff anymore that I can’t keep track. Some of it originates from the wrong end for sure lol

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Pretty clever name for the thread… I’m thinking of changing it.

Edit: Eh? What do you think?


Have at it. That’s part of your duties around here, spicing up titles! haha Oh n/m you already did, nice!

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looks like Eli inherited Tony’s shooting touch

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Definitely thought this was a thread about chicken wings with the new title. Time to make dinner lol


Can confirm. The humility on the other hand… lol jk


Nobody caught that he didn’t mention us. Hope he’s just being cagey

He only mentioned offers. UNC and Duke have also reached out to him and shown some interest.

He mentioned UNC and Mich, don’t think either has offered.

Is he good enough to be a walk on?

Ah got it. Yeah I have no idea on our interest level in Justin. Tony has seen him A LOT so who knows what happens when 2022 moves are made.