Your all-time hoops roster that you actually saw play…

For me, I remember the 1981 FF team, so can only go back that far. Can pick 13, but at least 2 at each position. Mine…

PG-Singletary, Crotty, Jerome
SG-Brogdon, Guy
C-Sampson, Polynice
SF-Stith, Hunter, Lamp
PF-Burrough, Scott, Watson


For positions - do you mean what they played on offense - or what they played on defense?
For example Jerome mostly played SF on defense and PG on offense his best year.
What position was Malcolm in 2016 when they started him and Perrantes and Hall?

I’ll do it a little differently:
4/5 spots: Sampson, Huff, Gill, Burrough, Scott
Big wings: Lamp, Stith, Brogdon, Hunter
Guards: Jerome, Guy, Singletary, Crotty, Morgan

p.s. Chris Williams is an undervalued pick on all time teams … he was consistently very good all 4 years he played … too bad he played on 3 teams that didn’t make the tourney under Gillen.


Will limit it to 5, and will try to create the best lineup, not pick the best 5.

PG- Malc
2/3 - Dre
2/3 - TM3
4/5 - AG
4/5 - Akil

Do I need another ball-handling guard? Should I put Tobey in for Akil and just try to set scoring records?


I think Kyle was a better college player than TM3


Yeah, I’m definitely thinking NBA Malc and NBA TM3. Hard not to be influenced by that. Malc is probably there no matter what, but maybe as a SG.

Would be impossible for me to leave off Ty


How would Ty and Malc coexist? Probably fine, but I thought about it.


Malc was near NPOY in college.

TM3 is going to be a solid NBA player for 10 years and who knows if Kyle will ever sniff the league again but man was Kyle an amazing college player.


PG: Ty
SG: Brogdon
SF: Dre
PF: Mamadi (?)
C: Tobey (?)


Tough to balance out favorites with actual basketball.

1- Singletary: Sean and J.R. Reynolds are the reason I became a college basketball fan

2- Brogdon: Only debate was whether he’d be the 2 or 3.

3- Hunter: Probably better at the 4 but I’m trying to find a way to get Akil on here.

4-Akil: Best defensive PF of my viewing time (not just UVA I mean nationally). Hopefully get junior year version of him offensively.

5-Mamadi: Gives us 90% of the defense Darion did with some floor spacing offensively


-Ty: can’t possibly leave him off. Only reason he’s on the bench is because Malcolm can fill some of the same role.

-AG: Can partner with either Akil or Mamadi and need his intangibles

-Kyle: Elite Shooting. Clutch. And he wasn’t just a shooter.

-Sam: Elite Shooting. Can hide him a bit defensively with Akil, Mamadi, Dre, and Malcolm.

-J.R. Reynolds: again, probably never get into college basketball without him. Was a pretty good player too.


First attempt off the top of my head

G Brogs, Ty, Singletary
G Stith, KG, CA, Staples
W Dre, JA
F Junior, Watson,
F Mamadi, Gil

Had a tough time separating, All-time from favorite also difficult to properly assess the early and mid-90s teams because I think of them from the eyes of a kid and through that lens it’s a very different team.


First, the easy one:
Sampson at center.
Stith at SF.
Staples at shooting guard. (His defense was much better than Guy’s, IMO) Roger Mason, Jr. might be my second choice.
Gus Gerard at PF.
Lastly, what do you ask of the PG? If it’s a floor general, then Ty Jerome. Nonetheless, I’d go with Parkhill. He wasn’t the facilitator that Jerome is, but he was twice the one-on-one player. He wasn’t the ACC Player of the Year, as well as ACC Athlete of the Year, because of the way he laced his Cons.


I started watching in the late 80s, early 90s. I think my starters are SS, Brogs, Stith, Hunter, Junior and then bench of Cory, Jerome, Guy, Staples, Deane, Harris, Chris Williams (RIP), Roger Mason…shoot that’s 13 and I don’t have any post guys on the bench yet. A couple of these guys have to go to make room for some combo of Diakite, Mitchell, Nolan, Watson, Gill or Oliver.

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Not a single one of you has @DFresh11 on your roster - fake friends all of you. Fresh would have averaged 14 assists a game playing with guy, Jerome, Sampson


Counting only guys I saw in-person:

Senior Night Mike Tobey

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What if…


And dont forget I woulda spread the floor. For the sake of spreading the floor. Thank you Moose!


Nobody ever mentions Marc Ivaroni.


Strictly from players I’ve seen in person (so anyone from 2006 on), my starting 5 would be Ty, Guy, Malc, Dre, and Diakite. Bench would be SS, Reynolds, Harris, Scott, Mitchell, and Huff. If you want a full 13 man roster just add Anderson and Gill.

Honestly this speaks to how damn good this program has been over the past 10 or so years. My roster doesn’t have LP, Hall, Atkins, Tobey, Key, Murphy, Hauser, Beeks, Clark, or Gardner, all of whom are great players in their own right.


I remember when there were rumors he was going to be our next bball coach along with Tubby…