2022 Dream Class

So is this just a kid to keep tabs on for if we have an extra scholarship open after we fill all our needs? Or could we pair him with McKneely and forgo a true PG? Because it seems we need a big, pg, and athletic wing before we take another combo or SG.

HGN Have you heard if Nunez is close to committing? Sounds like he and his family have done a ton of ground work already.

I expect he’ll come to a decision before July’s live periods, not much sooner. His dad understands how things work, the benefits of that, for everyone involved.


Thanks. I’ll be glad when 2022 recruiting and 2023 looks are in full swing. If the the staff could somehow get Nunez and hopefully Traudt in the fold by the start offall with McKneely, that is one helluva start. Also looking forward to seeing what the live period brings.


Isaac Traudt taking an official to UNC, per the UNC board. (June 27th-29th)

When’s UVA official?

June 11th-13th

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I’m not liking our odds vs UNC. That staff is gonna want a big and flashy 2022 class so hopefully they over recruit his position.

Wonder if they’ll show him Walker Kessler film


That weekend maybe some clever folks will send him kesslers goodbye to Unc tweet a thousand times

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It would be parenting malpractice to allow your son to choose to play for a man whose only head coaching experience came with the Carolina JV over a 3-time national coach of the year with an NCAA championship to his name. And I say that as someone who has always liked and respected Hubert. I get that it’s Carolina and everything that goes with it. But, if I were in the Traudts’ shoes, Hubert would be way too much of an unknown commodity to feel comfortable taking a chance on him.


Sounds like a bit of an off-night for him and the team overall, but got the W, and I would pay $100 right now to see him do that to polish off a win at Cameron.


UNC board mentions we are showing interest in Will Shaver. A skilled big with a jumper from the outside.

Shaver has always mentioned UVA. That’s the thing. Pretty much everybody is still on the table because there’s been so little evaluation to filter anyone. Just because you haven’t seen them mentioned in a while doesn’t mean they’re out.

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We are favorites for Emoni Bates now, right? I assume that Tony working the backchannels is why he decommitted from MSU.


“Come to UVa and get up 3 to 4 shots per game as a true freshman” was too much to pass on. MSU kicking themselves.


McKneely with 25 of his team’s 42, including the last 6. 6 of 12 from 3.