2022 Dream Class

Seems like Vandy. Stack droppin bags per usual

Tu did mention to me a few months ago the duo was really interested in Vandy. Lee Dort thinks highly of us in “blue blood” status though which gave me some hope. Not that interested in Noah Shelby though


I’m a PH grad. Curtis II is younger than me, so yeah, feeling old.


remember him with the mustache. he looked 30 in college and now at age 50 he still looks 30


Fresh, you are exactly right.

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Yea man. We are the same year. So good

second best Curtis to play for PH

Can we discuss how Vanderbilt, a program that to the best of my knowledge has not won a game since stallings left, alma mater of my wife who like most vandy alumni does not give two shits about basketball or any other sport, just got commitments from a 4 star and a 5 star literally at the same time, while UVA, an objectively inferior academic institution that nonetheless insists on having snooty ass standards in all things yet somehow quite recently won a national championship in men’s basketball, cannot over a multi year year period get any commitments at all from players of any age from within the continental United States excluding West Virginia?

Seriously. Somebody explain to me just exactly what in the fuck is going on here.


We’re just the worst and the program is doomed. Hope we can lure Jerry before it’s too late :roll_eyes:


Fresh has a good Vandy story from HS. non related

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these young coaches fresh from the nba usually recruit pretty well but we’ll see if jerry still has a job in five years (though to be fair that’s one of the most difficult jobs in the country)

Bryce Drew got a 5 star while he was there (Garland). It’s kind of crazy.

I think he got another one too. Shittu


First of all we aren’t going to hire a coach that attended a school where the graduation requirements don’t include basic literacy. I have literally zero respect for UNC as an institution and I routinely toss resumes bearing its name into the garbage without further thought.

Secondly, if Tony continues his current pace of recruiting 1 player per year, by my calculations we will soon only have 4 of the necessary 5 players to contest a game of basketball. This seems suboptimal. And that’s assuming no further transfers out.

So roll your eyes all you like but frankly I am beginning to get concerned that I am the only person on this board sane enough to realize just how fcked we are right now.


Nope. I make 2

Don’t be a chicken little we’ll be fine.

A style that players like and a coach that that lets them see the court early. That’s really all it is. Or maybe they like that weird court down there I’m not sure.

I went to a game at vandy once and that court is so weird.

But I have to give credit to a vandy fan for what I consider to be the single greatest referee taunt I have ever heard.

Unfavorable call…”REF!! YOUR MOTHER’S A TERRIBLE COOK!!!”



Are you just assuming that the 2022 class is complete and we won’t get anyone else? I’m confused. For 2021, we went like 1-3 on the guys we wanted. Tony wasn’t going to send out 5+ offers because we already had a full roster before the transfers. Also a weird covid year where it was hard to evaluate players.

We’re coming off a natty, 2nd in ACC, 1st in ACC, I think the fan base needs to prepare themselves for a down year or two. But hey, at least we’ll be able to attend games.

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He was being sarcastic…