2022 Recruiting Scenarios

That’s probably all of them that are contenders for scholarship offers on the horizon.


I heard Nickle had a great game. Heard any news on any of the others?

I don’t think you’ll get much from the stats there. Uneven competition. The high major guys all put up their numbers. Advantage of TB being there is just seeing the physical stuff, actual size, how well they move etc.


After all of the guys that we are looking at is there a big drop in talent ?

There are some younger players that’ll be on the radar too. But yeah there are more that won’t be D1 than will.

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The games and competition was garbage at this tournament.


Tu…any under the radar Kids at this tournament…or was this a snooze fest for the coaches that checked in…

I didnt see anyone that made me say HOLY SHIT. Who is that. These were mostly rising juniors playing. Well school started.LOL. These were mostly juniors playing. I wrote notes and will take a look. I will say that Epps is not interested in UVA. His dad is a long time friend and good people.

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How do you watch this stuff? I went to meet Bryant and JJ at an AAU thing in Brooklyn maybe three years ago and had no clue what was going on. Ended up taking Jay and TB for lunch after (TB paid) and learned some of what type of player they went after. One guy stood out to me that day and it was around the rim. Now he shoots threes for the Knicks ha


Epps definitely gives off NC State/Virginia Tech/Kansas vibes. I think Tony like his pgs to be the floor general types, not the heavy scoring types (although Epps can be a good distributer as well from a stream I watched)

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I assume Epps is not interested because of playing style?

No problem! We will find someone who wants to be at UVA. We will be fine. The staff has already identified who they like for ‘22. At least initially.

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Another positive is this will meet Tony’s informal rule of needing to see a guy in person before extending an offer.

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Virginia: “They were more talking about getting better still. The ACC is some of the best basketball in the world, in my opinion, they have some of the best players and being coached by Tony Bennett, he’s just one of the greats.”


Are UVA and Duke the only two programs without any 2022 offers out?

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Only two high majors yeah

That’s cuz K is just waiting for TB to do his evaluations for him. He’s the new Bill Self!


At what point does it start hurting us with the 2022’s we are already involved with?

It’s not really the lack of offers that hurts. It’s that it’s hard to separate yourself from the crowd without in-person recruiting. Coaches don’t have to show their hand. What TB does really well is he shows up for his top targets, puts all his cards on the table. Basically dares others to match or back off. We’ve gotten a few pretty good players over the years because the competition just gives up, won’t spend the same effort.

And that’s not even getting into the lack of evaluation time. That’s the real harmful part. It’s not who they’re going to recruit. It’s who they don’t know to recruit yet that they would have.


Tyler Nickel’s highlights from the summer (courtesy of Jamie Shaw). Reminds me a lot of Joe Harris’ HS highlights. Very much 6’6. Maybe 6’7. Shot is slightly low but not like Stattmann’s shot coming in. Competition seems to be the biggest question mark and the lack of an AAU season prevented us from seeing what he’s truly about. That being said consider me on the Tyler Nickel Bandwagon.