2023-2024 College Football

Yea I’ve thought to myself a number of times the last 2 years how does Dino Babers have a job? They’ve reshuffled the staff a few times not much left they can do


I got shouted down a couple months back for this take. Looks like Prime’s squad was all sizzle and no steak after all.


My man kept receipts I love it.

Vegas had them at 4 wins and they nailed it.

The Buffs have no line and Shedeaur was lucky to make it as long as he did.

Once it took a near miracle to get by CSU you knew the PAC12 was gonna be hell.


You made me spit soda all over my work laptop.

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This chatter about P5 revenue sharing is interesting.

Seeing a 9-2 Iowa team makes me grateful for BIG expansion so they’ll finally play in a real division


TLDR, Dan Mullen and Bob Chesney.

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Mullen legit scares me on that list of probables but also feel like he may be the longest odds to land.

Chesney feels very on brand but doesn’t scare me at all. Saw him coach a few times at the D2 level and his record ar Holy Cross is legit. But thats a far cry from building a winner at Cuse.

They can have Al a third opportunity from him isn’t scary at all we we know what he’s about.

Huff amd Candle would be the 2 I’d dig in on if I’m Cuse although I’m not as into Huff as many onnthis board he’d be a solid addition.

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Yeah not sure what to think, feel like Chesney is probably the best fit but there’s definitely concerns about it being too big of a jump for him. What he’s done at Holy Cross is impressive and from what I’ve heard he’s part of a new wave of defensive gurus who understand how to stop modern college offenses but Cuse is by no means a walk in the park type of job. Tough to get those northeast kids away from Penn State, ND, or Rutgers with Schiano at the helm.

Mullen seems pretty content as an analyst at ESPN and there’s tons of rumors out there that he was massively burnt out by the end of his time at UF, but I really think he’d do well at a place like Cuse (or here). It’s the argument of, if you know you’re gonna have trouble recruiting you might as well embrace it and bring in someone who knows how to coach and win with lesser talent. The ACC is weak enough right now to where he’d probably be able to have his staff handle the bulk of recruiting, fill his immediate needs in the portal and scheme his way to around 7-8 wins a season on average and I think Cuse fans/donors would be fairly happy with that. Maybe it ends in disaster if the horror stories about his final stretch at UF fully rear their head again but if I had to guess those were likely overblown by proxy of having insanely high expectations.

I legitimately can’t tell if ND fans are happy with Al and don’t want him to leave or are begging a program to take another chance on him lol. I view him as a boring but possibly adequate option, and he knows the northeast area well so they’d at least see an uptick in recruiting.

Huff is gonna be thrown around as a name at a lot of job openings but he’d be a terrible fit there IMO. Candle looks like a quality option but he also inherited a rock solid foundation at Toledo built by Matt Campbell, and has only ever coached in the state of Ohio. Maybe I’m reading him dead wrong but he feels like one of those guys who takes a step up into the wrong scenario and struggles to adapt.


Is James Franklin the best worst coach ever?


Very good chance that Arch Manning transfers from Texas after the season — and UT burned his shirt in a blowout last night, last game of the regular season.

That’s some SEC-type shit right there.


A guy can play in 4 games and still redshirt.

Manning isn’t spending 5 years in college anyway, so it doesn’t matter.


Yeah, my parents said the same thing :innocent:

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Exactly Arch is fine. I could see him transferring and being a 3 yr starter. There was always concern about his fit with Zark As crazy as it seems Miss St feels like a good landing spot depending on the HC.

As long as Lane is at Ol Miss i think that’s off the table.

Tennessee doesn’t feel right either with Heupel.

Bottomline is if Arch wants to transfer he’ll have a pick of spots. Oregon could be intriguing seeing what Lanning has done with Nix the past 2 seasons.

I watched Nix last night and he impressed me as much as any college QB I’ve seen this season.

How the heck does Ohio State vs Michigan become the noon TV game? That should be at a featured time slot like 3:30 or 7. That’s one of the biggest games of the season, maybe the biggest.

Tradition that game is almost always a noon kick. No sense in allowing either fanbase more time to get fired up.

Nix has been extremely impressive this season. He has come a long way from the deer in headlights we saw 4 yrs ago playing for Auburn

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Michigan’s slow down offense is what the Iowa staff has wet dreams about

Why would arch transfer?

Rumor and innuendo has said he’s been unhappy since the spring game because he expected to start. But logic says he never expected that. Also heard plenty of talk of unhappiness with the staff that I could hear arguments for.

Arch to Texas always felt like a bit of a strange fit outside of playing for a coach who is talented at developing qbs.

If there was a qb who wanted to transfer he would command as much power as just about anyone I can think of and with the class of QBs leaving he could name his landing spot.

Not saying he is or should just providing some context.