2023 UVa Offseason Chatter

On-ball defense stuff is very encouraging. Off-ball, about what you’d expect.

All in all, I think he’s a floor raiser, so I’m hoping he’s a 5-10mpg or so backup, and a 5-10 mpg or so secondary ballhandler. Which means I hope we get Reece back, and/or iMac, Elijah or Rohde shows PG abilities, and/or we get a really solid PG who can start right out of the gate in 2024.

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I see a guy who relies on energy due to lack of size. 15-22 minutes per game would allow him to maximize his effort and energy in ALL his minutes.
I would love to see some Rohde, Isaac, Gertrude minutes together.



This seems big- CAA is a legit agency.


While rummaging through the back storage room looking for missing fishing tackle, I came across this.

And, inside, I found this. Who knew?

Edit: I should have included this originally, if for no other reason than I imagine that Fresh’s mom wants it posted, also. My apologies to Shawn Wilson for cutting it off without including him. :grin:


Now there are some handsome fellas. Gonna send that to Crotty now

Thanks @73CAV very cool. My mom will love it


Makes sense. CAA is very connected in NY from what I know.

They’re smart — they know a rising star when they see it

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So if Fresh graduated 9th in his class he didn’t even need basketball to get into UVa.


Ha. Not so sure about that. I definitely woulda gotten into Middle Tennessee with OUT basketball though


His brother’s agency as well.

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First takeaway - fully agree.

Second takeaway:

The UConn game definitely had some scrub time points thrown in there in the end (I’m going to approximate around 8ish but that’s just off memory and it could have been more or less give or take a bucket or two)… but he was 7-10 in that one. I don’t think the first half was very much him forcing things and not having success as much as it was Georgetown did this weird split PG thing and had a lot of players who chucked it up at the slightest opportunity and he just simply wasn’t all that involved. Defensively, either, UConn mostly avoided him. He was on the floor, but it mostly just felt like Georgetown had guys who were determined to get theirs and UConn was content scoring at will against G’Town’s horrible team defense (on which Harris wasn’t often attacked).

In the second half, he was far more assertive and a lot of that offense was with the team still fighting to get back in the game and the team was way more successful as a result of his involvement/leading the offense. Their other PG option was terrible in this game and turned the ball over at will/took bad shots so maybe that was an adjustment Ewing made at the half. Likely.

What I think, which is entirely speculative just based on how the team played, his body language, and his transfer, etc. That first year in the Big East the team was playing well, was playing together, was defending well and he was locked in on both sides of ball whenever he was in which was most of both games. The second season he still played hard most of the time but he seemed much less engaged. That team was terrible. They had a ton of guys who either weren’t trying hard or were just terrible at defense and they were a selfish offensive team. It was like the team was resigned to be bad and everyone was just trying to get theirs. Harris was the only player on that team (in those two games that I watched in that level of detail) that was trying first and foremost to play team basketball, get his teammates engaged offensively, etc. So I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the lapses in concentration/not always being as engaged came from that. There were several visible gestures from him in both of those games when his guys blatantly blew defensive assignments or made selfish offensive plays. It was some really painful and poorly coached basketball.

I think Harris will greatly benefit from CTB’s coaching and style and how the team plays/supports each other.


I especially agree re: 4th option or so, though. He should run the offense well and facilitate and then he has the ability to get to his shot if you need it or sometimes get really hot and you can ride that.

It’s similar to Gardner in that ideally you don’t want it to be your main source of offense but it’s nice to have it as an option. Plus, he’s MUCH more athletic for his position than Jayden was and should be a plus matchup defensively against most ball handlers he faces.




17 assists. Impressive Fresh


In Memphis man. Against dudes like Billy Smith and Anfernee Hardaway and Frankie Allen. My HS team was real good


Like that Gertrude’s wearing that shooter’s number

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LOVE Buchanan wearing #0. Sexy number for a big man.


I thought we unanimously agreed Kihei would have his number retired? :joy:

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Jack Salt alert. (In NZ)


Thats what it is all about man


Not sure how the minutes will shake out, but definitely pulling for Murray. Feel like with consistent minutes he can be a much better shooter than we saw last year, which we obviously need. I don’t expect what we saw against Iowa as a 1st year most nights, but he showed some big potential in that one.