Elite 8 poll - Jan 29

Welcome to the only college hoops human poll with a clear guiding principle. Same concept as always. So the rest of this is mostly cut and paste:

Vote for the 8 teams you think will be in this year’s elite 8. The 20 choices (max allowed in the poll format) are the top 19 in the current AP poll** (i.e., before the new one comes out tomorrow at noon), plus an “other” choice. If you pick “other”, please declare who you have in mind. This will close Tuesday Feb 2 at 12 noon eastern.

** This time I went top 20, except Charleston. If you think this is an injustice, vote them for other.

If you like, go back and check how you did come March 26. I’m mostly curious to see how knowledgeable college hoops fans think the tourney is going to play out, as the season plays out, and in particular how results change as we get more info.

Previous poll linked here if you want to see results / how you voted:

Elite 8 poll - Jan 29
  • Purdue
  • Alabama
  • Houston
  • Tennessee
  • Kansas St
  • Arizona
  • Virginia
  • UCLA
  • Kansas
  • Texas
  • TCU
  • Iowa St
  • Xavier
  • Gonzaga
  • Auburn
  • Marquette
  • Baylor
  • UConn
  • Miami
  • Other

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Other = UNC

Gonzaga still play basketball?

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AP voters think so, but I’m not sure… Maybe they play with London Johnson?

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Other: Rando St Fightin’ Generics


Other = Clemson

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Genuinely forgot about him

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Also watch out for Missouri over the next few weeks … they just added 2 dudes and blew out Bama

Edit - Iowa State … my bad

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Missouri just handled Iowa St. It was Oklahoma that blew out Alabama.



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Calling my shot right now: Purdue gets bounced in either the Round of 32 or the Sweet 16. Edey is the best player in the country but history has shown that veteran backcourts win in March, and even though Smith/Loyer have been impressive I think their lack of experience eventually catches up to them. They’ll run into a team who can at least limit what Edey is able to do offensively and force the rest of their rotation to make key shots.


Bump for Monday AM crew.

Also, I messed up the auto close date on this, but I will still manually close it at around midday Tuesday.

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Other: Northwestern


I’d have to go back and look, but I think this is the first time “Other” has even cracked the top 10.

Other - Saint Mary’s

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Decent chance they win the WCC! But still 2 games against the Zags

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Marquette needs more love (in general). Kolek might be my favorite player in the country. Working on a First team all favorite and all I know is he is PG and Dainja at Illinois is giving Edey a run for his money at center


Check out Frank Seckar who played mid 90s at Vandy. Almost identical lefty PGs.

Also claims to have big time ping pong skills, Kolek

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Marquette was one of my votes. Great on offense.


Marquette was my runner up for “other.”

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