Fall Recruiting Continued

Had to retire the old thread.


YES. These are the kids I love. You 6’8 long arms athletic and can shoot an open 3. Transfer portal is full of these kids from midmajors moving up.


There’s the athletic 4 man we need to fill out our future rotation.


It’s been a while since Akil Mitchell; I like it


long arms. He’s a kid that you think “What would he look like after a year or two in a college strength and conditioning program and working with Damin Altizer in the offseason”?


Yep exactly! These are the type of 3-4 stars we need to develop over a couple of years that have upside.

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Is he number 1? That kid’s arms actually look pretty proportional to his height. Would bet he’s only a +1 or +2 wingspan

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Did he (Damarien “Dink” Yates) play AAU? His twitter says he’s on Team Thad, but I don’t see him on any of their box scores this summer.

No Idea. I like Damarien Yates and wouldnt mind it all if we got him .

I do think I would prefer that glue guy athletic forward to be someone who could also movedown and play the 5 at times as well which is why I prefer a Bryce Dortch/British Mamadi forward who can reclass to 2023 and play both the 4 and the 5 while giving us floor spacing as well.

But man that Yates kid fights. Thats what stands out to me that I see missing in a lot of other kids highlights and what has been missing a lot at our 4 spot (no offense to Jayden and Hauser). That motor to go up and fight for a damn rebound and be physical/not fade away or shy away from contact.
That’s what makes Yates a 5 star in the H&T index

I think we are at our best when our 4/5 are athletic rebounders who can space the floor to the 3pt line or atleast box out for the guards. And Id rather have our pure skill be focused in the 1-3 spots. If the 4 or 5 can also become a legit get a bucket when you need it threat, then you’re going places.

Edit: maybe we can still get either a Mamadi or a Murphy type if we do go for yates as well.


Caden Diggs clips. That kid out of Bullis in the DMV area that has mentioned UVA interest and Williford went to see.

Kid is the closest in the playstyle to Hunter. Think he has the highest ceiling of all the wings in the DMV but at the same time he needs to show a little more. I watched the youtube stream of Bullis vs Hayfield (maybe the best public school team in Virginia). Moments where you could say “Woah he is like DeAndre Hunter a lot” and other times where you are like “STOP BALL WATCHING AND MOVE gah damn”

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We are at our best when we have 3-4 future NBA players on the court together lol but I like this Yates kid for all the reasons you laid out. Think he could be a Wilkins or Key type of glue guy for us with a better shot.

I think of him more as an Atkins/Akil type like @10hoo said. But i think that’s also the same idea you presented. A glue guy front court who doesn’t need the ball in their hands, can space the floor, and provides much needed defensive versatility and intensity.

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Just not sure he’s big enough to play as much 5 as Darion and Akil. Especially Darion in 2014-15. But I guess once Dre came on Isaiah ended up playing a decent amount of 5 anyway and Yates is at least that big.

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Yates is planning to do a prep year, so he’s really a 2024 recruit. Played 16U AAU this summer.


IDK maybe not. He played with them in APR. Then he played in the TN scholastic event. No AAU for him this summer it appears.

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See just above – HGN said he played 16U.

And fwiw, the only 16U box scores I can find are for the Peach Jam week, and Team Thad 16U didn’t seem to play.

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Virginia : “Tony Bennett is my guy. I talked to him every once in a while. I like their program. A lot of underrated players go there and go to the league. It’s kind of big that they can do that and their development is that good. I like Virginia.”

Also lol
Virginia Tech : “I like Virginia Tech too. They came to the school to watch me play. I went crazy and they gave me the offer. I’m still learning more about Virginia Tech too.”

“Just some place that makes me feel like home, people that are going to push me like crazy and get me to the spot I need to be,” Passmore said.

Ranked by On3Sports Composite as the No. 18 small forward and No. 63 overall prospect in the class of 2024, Passmore said he’s “basically a baby Anthony Edwards, but smaller.”

“I’m a big, get down hill guy, knocking down shots and setting up my teammates,” Passmore said.
When he’s not playing basketball, Passmore has another hobby to spend his time.

“I’m a big fishing guy,” he said, noting he’s been fishing for three years now. “Some people don’t think of me fishing, but I fish a lot in my free time.”