Furman film study

Just trying to repost stuff that others have already posted. We can keep talking strategy, whatever, in the other thread, but I thought others like the relevant videos all in one place. h/t @Richan34 for many/most of these


Can you just provide an picture book and I can tell you how much we win by from that? Dont even need heights or weights of players


Go to about 4:01 of this video:

Last one for now:

We could use @rushdacote’s analysis from the NCAAT Furman thread in here too.

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Pretty good video. But do they know they aren’t going to an actual war?

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Thought about that - didn’t want to detract from the other thread too much… but yeah, agree. Bring it all over.

@rushdacote 's thorough video breakdown:

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Interesting presser from after the selection. Generally good stuff from Bob Richey and his seniors. Carter Whitt anecdote at about 20:20 or so.

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