No Holds Barred Thread - A Haney/DavetheWave Production

Fantastic! Congratulations!


I think that we all have differing thoughts on the following issue, which makes us all view PG recruiting options, fallbacks differently.

How many years will Reece!! stay at UVa:

  • 3 (will leave after this coming year)
  • 4
  • 5

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Tbh, I’m torn between 4 and 5. I think 4 is most likely, but I view the likelihood of 5 as pretty high.


d@mn I didn’t really consider a 5th year option but your one line of text actually makes me think it’s possible. Honestly it could be his best bet.


The concern is that the only reason Reece would be here for a fifth year is that he shoots <35% from 3 for both of the next two seasons.


I think that’s oversimplifying the situation. I’m not sure that Reece shooting above 35% from deep guarantees him a draftable NBA prospect. Certainly helps a ton but my initial thought is he’s going to need more than that.

  1. congrats on being the 666th post in this cursed thread. You took the burden from me! :joy:
  2. agree - I think it’s more like ability to be a primary scorer, at volume (though 35%+ will help)

It may reflect in the percentage but probably more in the volume, but he has to improve his release pretty significantly to have a shot in the NBA IMO. His release is pretty slow and deliberate, and the pro game is too fast for that. Even the college game is too fast, and his improved percentage has to at least in part be facilitated by defenders playing way off him. As his percentage improves, they’re gonna be on him more closely and he’ll need a much quicker release.


Certainly hope Reece is only here 4 years. Something has gone wrong if he’s using the bonus year.


Hard disagree from me on that one. All he really needs to do is have the 3pt numbers jump up (change nothing else) and he’s essentially an exact copy of Deuce Mcbride, who went 36th in 2021 draft after having improving his shooting. I would actually be willing to bet that that will be his comp.


Usage rates are pretty different, so that’s where the volume/primary scorer comments come in.


They’re not close on usage. Deuce never approached 20 from above it, and Reece never approached it from below it.

Reece hasn’t proved he can be a secondary scorer, never mind primary.


That’s fair. He’ll get to 20 this year I think. In the last 5 games of last year he was at 19.52


I think I’m a maybe on that one. The moving average on his usage was remarkably flat last season…the 5-game avg had some ups and down but no consistent trend: T-Rank Player Stats - Customizable College Basketball Tempo Free Stats - T-Rank

Torvik projects him at a shade over 18%, which feels realistic to me.


Oh I will fully admit I’m somewhat “wishcasting”. Mainly because I just think it would be a crime not to fully give Reece the keys this year.


Piano/National Fine Arts Competition and recruiting update for our rising sophomore…
Got an official recruiting email from the school that the scout was from that talked to her on Tuesday….
Got the final results on Friday night at awards ceremony….
Piano Solo - Contemporary - 3rd Place Original Arrangement too.
Piano Solo - Classical - 2nd Place
She was thrilled as we were we.
Only one to place top 3 in both.
11 hour drive home on Saturday and she practiced for an hour before bed - already back in the lab!!!


Tremendous. congrats and ice those fingers!

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Who are the Piano blue bloods?


My list: Julliard, Carnegie Mellon and sleeper Adams College Atoms

Edit: musical ability so impressive to me. I have none


Oberlin, Berklee, Curtis, Juilliard & Carnegie Mellon are my top 5… in any order. Vanderbilt, Northwestern and San Francisco are up there as well… just off the top of my head…

I would say all above are the blue bloods… I’m sure there are a few more, but these are the ones I was interested in in high school…