Outside UVa Basketball Thread

We don’t need any more guards. We just need the best ones to play the most. Unfortunately I don’t have much hope that will happen until 2022-23. The biggest need next year is a Braxton Key clone. Could McKoy do it if he was actually given 10 straight games of 20 minutes or more? My suspicion is yes.

Did anyone see the Oklahoma-Kansas State game last night? I’m wondering did the equipment manager bring the wrong uniform tops or bottoms. Or are they going for the hand-me-down, rec league uniform look?


That was Beautiful


Exactly agree with Roy. And it’s slick how the interviewers phrased the questions as if Carolina fans wanted to know instead of saying “Our paper/news outlet wants to know what you’d say about…” Shifting the pressure.


I cant stand UNC but every now and then Roy gives you some gold. This is one of those moments.


Pitts a dumpster fire at the moment. I know we recruited out of HS but he wouldn’t really solve any of our immediate issues for next yr


I don’t know if Toney is a realistic target, but he would make for a nice forward pairing with Trey with his physicality and ability to get to the line.

Something is going on at Pitt and it dont look good

Recruits parents upset that they get a house in Pittsburg instead of Durham?

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Maybe older model Escalades now and not the 2022


I rather live in Durham over Pittsburgh and I like hanging on the Southside.

Interesting what’s going on up there, I had Capel pegged as a breakout coach, considering where they are now compared to what he inherited.

I think he may be more on track than it appears. These kids may have been nudged or the parting of ways reciprocated!

Anytime you dump your two top scorers that you recruited, it’s hard to see it as heading in the right direction

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Well the coaching tree is based on poor sportsmanship and being an ahole so I’d say everything is going according to plan.

I think the more interesting question is how many games does Pitt have to win to be able to wear Coach K’s cape and vampire fangs when he leaves.

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True! We’re technical fouls and being too demonstrative an issue for Johnson in high school? I don’t know. It appears that it was at Pitt.

This is just one reason I like 'Ol Roy and hope he stays until he’s 90.


What a great day of basketball ahead of us


Wisconsin seems like the worse version of us

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Kessler with 18 and 7 against the noles with 8 to go. Seems to be taking Bacots minutes too