Outside UVa Recruiting

I saw that Jaeden Mustaf committed to GT, Damon Stoudamire. 6-4 CG, #47 in 247 composite. Playing for OTE this year. Hope Stoudamire turns that program around. ACC needs it.


So weird



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Lol. Iowa turned away Caden Diggs for Pizza rolls kid. Pizza rolls kid just committed to Miami


Man that whole ACC offer thing is a lot less prestigious when it relates to Cal athletics… now i see why everyone was pissed


Austin on the road taking some college visits.



As of right now - is he better at football or basketball?

Would love to see him tear it up in the Ivy

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I’m at a conference that has no foot traffic and so bored I’m just browsing other boards.

Here’s how Tech’s self proclaimed basketball guru is spinning their recent string of recruiting misses:

All that said, it doesn’t matter what the rankings say, VT is going to take someone who fits the system. Neither Harris nor Johnson are going to be the difference between a bubble team and perennial contenders. And if Bamisile, Maddox, Cone, Nolley (and subsequently Cattoor, Mutts, Aluma, Alleyne and Murphy) have taught you anything it’s that rankings are complete horse shit
and you can just as easily find someone in the top 500 who will help you win as the Top 100


Am I crazy or is that the biggest dose of copium ever taken? Same thread he yelled at someone for suggesting Tech has missed on its top targets this cycle… “Do you have access to Tech’s recruiting board?”

same guy who argued that he’s rather have Robbie Beran than Ryan Dunn


Yeah that’s copium. Can Mike Young turn top 500 players into a team that makes the NCAA Tournament because he’s a great schematic coach? Yes.

Does his inability to get top 100 recruits prove that they in fact are at their ceiling? Yes.

If they don’t get those top 100 guys they seem like a perpetual 7-10 seed that either loses in the first round or loses to the 1 or 2 seed in the second round….

Totally fine place to be, but I think it’s the reality for them.


Even if you dismiss the recruiting rankings as meaningless, these recruits were also your own coaching staff’s priority targets. They didn’t get the guys they wanted most. There’s no spinning that.


That’s where I’m at too.

I’m sure there were ppl that tried to spin Kihei as a plan A guy and luckily he worked out, but it was pretty obvious that we wanted Jared Butler first.

He was trying to argue that other posters had no proof Harris and Muhammad among others were plan A guys. Like cmon dude I know y’all offer 500 ppl a cycle but Mike Young would’ve been doing cart wheels to land any of those guys and frankly, the only players of that ilk he’s been able to get were from very specific and not repeatable circumstances.


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Someone who says this isn’t worth listening to


idk why they have him. He’s constantly wrong. Seems like a decent dude but provides no value to their site.

Tony offered 25 other guards before Kihei that year.


This isn’t Arvin. This is GCHokies34. He’s like a former assistant coach that is an absolute know-it-all. He’s treated like a basketball savant but is really just a condescending douche bag.

But yeah Arvin seems like a nice guy but him saying “tech is in a really good spot” and then the recruit immediately selecting another school is a tale as old as time


GC does know some things. He is also condescending douche bag.

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That’s what was so crazy about that year. Jared Butler was kind of far down the list too. Quinerly, Llewelyn, Nembhard, Prentis Hubb, David Duke, etc. there’s probably even more I can’t think of lol.