Outside UVa Recruiting

If there’s such a thing as legitimate NIL, Gas Yalden will clean up at Wisconsin.


If he goes to wisco, i hope we get to play them and see him in action. I am super curious how his game will translate to the next level.

Lol the extra spot for Ricky Council. Dont know why any high school commit outside 5 star one and dones would consider them going forward, and I dont think Eric Musselman cares…


Think BVP with some of Jayden’s bully ball downlow. Just as mobile as either of them

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You need to keep up. Already decommitted from CO.

I thought the deadline passed…

What high school parent is going to send their kid to play for that guy who obviously is selling a load of bullshit……bound to backfire eventually

And what is Council thinking? 6th man at Arkansas is better than 6th man at WSU?

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The deadline was for immediate eligibility. You can transfer anytime, he’ll just have to sit now without a waiver


Waivers, grad transfers, pulled scholarship = instant eligibility, etc.

Any 2nd time transfer could be the sweet spot now for Tony with UVA credit restrictions… forces them to sit out a year while they catch up on UVA graduation requirements…

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Something happened with Colorado and him. “Mutual” parting of ways…

Article on Klintman & Colorado

This is the second time I’ve seen this suggestion in a week. Are you guys masochists or something?

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Tennessee money sending a message to the college basketball recruiting world LOL. I think Ive mentioned this before but 2023 Justin Edwards is rumored to be offered 7 figures.

Again with our 2019 trophy being used in the edit lol wtf


Man, I wanted him to come to UVA. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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It was an all out bidding war. Smoke is 7 figure NIL total deal for Julian Phillips. Apparently Auburn was also in the 7 figures but not enough. G league made a last second push last night but couldn’t change the calculus.

$800,000 upfront in cash wasn’t enough. The Tennessee NIL deal is rumored to be $2 million

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From Kanye Academy to BYU


It’s the inevitable Donda to BYU pipeline coming to fruition.