Pre-season 2022

Probably Fultz. Maybe Zion.

IIRC Fultz wasn’t even a top 100 recruit until the summer before his senior year. Not in the same stratosphere as guys like KD or this kid.

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Now Im daydreaming about actually sitting behind the bench. *sighs wishfully


Have to say was cool to see the staff at work and guys on bench involved

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Its funny we were talking about new and old (MJ vs LeBron) and how access to new technologies and trainings are a strength of the newer generations.

However this is not what I had in mind. Also isn’t this sort of a packline?

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  1. defense on a string - hard no from me. This is like an outtake from one of those popular dystopian movies / TV series. “Children of Men 2: Ok, now babies can be born again, but now people can only play sports while being connected with a rope.”

  2. Placeholder for the “Is Bond a 4?” debate we’ve been having everywhere else

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I wasnt sure how to comment on how much I dislike the D on the string thing when there are actual ropes tying the players to one another

Maybe if Usain Bolt tied an rope to me my 100meters becomes world class?

Edit: however the shell drill is great shit with lotta talking

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Would be the only time I pick lebron over mj

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FYI, ACC/BIG matchups being tweeted out now both Rothstein. Opponents not yet listed, WI, Mich, OSU, Purdue

I’m beating at Michigan


Put me down for Nebraska. Hedging with Northwestern.

However pessimistic folks think this board gets, there is no bigger UVa hoops pessimist than whoever puts together the big ten - ACC matchups.


We have to travel this year right? Because we hosted Iowa? Going to Michigan or OSU would be super fun


I just told you the teams not yet picked?

next up Wake/WI

Mich, OSU, Purdue left

They’ll switch. They have before

Duke, UVA and State left…I think

Duke played OSU last year so I bet they will get Michigan

Makes sense, @OSU then since we were at Purdue year before last

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We’re not gonna get left out or something stupid like that right?

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Highly doubt it, usually they only leave out a bad team

Yup, tweets slowed down. G’boro, Big Ten, and Bristol realized they were walking the Hoos into a good matchup and had to re-run the algo.

** Just in case not clear, this is 75% “I’m kidding” and 25% “Yo, seriously, look at the history here. We’ve gotten mostly F’ed on these matchups in the past so nobody should be surprised when we get F’ed now and in the future.” Including them changing a matchup on us last minute to shunt us into a garbage matchup to help save Pitino embarrassment (as if such a thing were possible) of having to play against a kid involved in the Katina Powell mishigas.