Recruiting - Trick-or-Treat October

I know nothing other than I think we’re in 1v1 battles for all 3. I’d break it down:

Houstan 50/50 w Bama
Kaufman 45/55 w IU
Keels 40/60 w Duke


Honestly no idea. Kaufman and Keels both seem 50/50 give or take 10 either way.

I have a bad feeling about UNC with Kauffman it otherwise this feels right

fwiw UVA sources have been adamant that they’re in the top 2 for Kaufman. However, we’ve had questions about who the other one is. I still think Indiana, others believe UNC has slipped in there.


From trying to read the tea leaves I see a lot of momentum for UNC and almost nothing from UNC. Indiana insiders only feel confident because of the distance factor but I saw rumors on Purdue boards a while back saying Kaufman may actually want to leave state (of course it’s just rumors but from people in Kaufman’s area).

What this means is that he is going to Indiana lol

Let’s keep in mind he made the same one finger post a week ago. (hat tip to @JoeBoxley for picking up on that) He did it again today and then probably got frustrated that people didn’t realize what he was trying to say, then made it more obvious. Point being if he really is about to announce, most likely the decision was made a week ago. You can then draw conclusions about what other teams have been up to this past week. That report of UNC reaching out to the Finnish import doesn’t bode well for them.

Of course, there’s also no guarantee that he is going to announce lol


Hmm. Wasn’t it about a week ago that you said sources had gone quiet and that usually meant something was afoot…man it’s gonna be a long few weeks.


Also IU forum had their update today and said status quo with Kaufman. No movement from what they’ve heard. Unless they are a part of the veil of the surprise of the pick

Just cruised their site. What’s amazing to me is there’s no mention of this. I mean, it’s possible he’s just having fun messing with people. Kinda doubt it though. But the fact that no one in the Indiana media, and they’re obsessed with Trey, has noticed his IG stories is pretty telling of how out of touch the recruiting media is with things today. They aren’t even on these kids platform and have yet to realize that’s a problem.


Uncertainty abounds. IU doesn’t know, UVA doesn’t know, no word from UNC yet… interesting recruit. Could he surprise everybody?

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Question is if he made the call For us would we know til an announcement? We know CTB runs a tight ship and Trey seems in the same mold. The only real surprise imo would be Purdue.

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He’s gonna shock everyone and become a Sycamore.


Want to land a recruit to clear out all the negative feelings floating around here these days. Or at the very least, want some clips from practice.


UNC offered Jarace Walker yesterday. Top 10 2022 sf/pf who is probably going to reclass to 2021. Maybe strengthens the narrative that either Kaufman has a decision or at least UNC feels they are trending in the wrong direction. Of course you never stop recruiting but the timing is interesting.


Call me an optimist but I think we got this one


Im still in the “Kaufman to Indiana” until I see otherwise boat. But would love to be wrong.


You must will it into reality :wink:


I think we have a really, really, good chance.


Is anyone committing this week?


Edit: someone somewhere just likely not to the ‘Hoos.

Glad they don’t have :-1: button on here!