Spring Recruiting Thread

I’ve lost track, can the coaches attended this one?

I thought Walt would be a perennial All Star

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Same man. Also Donyell Marshall of UConn kinda fit that no?

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No. Next time coaches can go out is the weekend of June 16 for the high school weekend. Gets busy from there

6/16-18 Scholastic live period
6/23-25 Scholastic live period
6/28-29 Top 100 Camp
7/06-09 AAU live period
7/18-19 AAU live period

*not gonna lie I rolled from memory so a couple of those might be off a day or two.


He struck me as lazy so I didn’t think he would.

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Trent perry looks good as a scorer. Not showing much as a pg given he plays with a top 50 Ohio State pg commit on this aau team. Kid gets downhill though.

On the other team Kayvaun Mulready is a stud (the kid who we were initially interested in and our interest in him lead to both the discovery of TJ Power and Elijah Gertrude). Hope he decommits from Georgetown or somethin

edit: will say Trent Perry does have a steady hand though. Everyone else on his team besides him is super turnover prone.


trent perry stream 2nd half

box score


I dispute that he’s a top level talent. And our history indicates we can win a national title with guys in our zone - 35 - 100 level guys.

Don’t know because we spent that time and resources on Stevenson. There are other stretch fours out there that have played considerably better this spring.


Dre wasn’t top 25

I think norfolks point, with which I agree, is that you can get Dre like talents in two ways: (1) get top 25 guys, or (2) get 75-125 ish guys and hope they become Dre (or Malc or Joe).

I’m not averse to path 2, but I think the success of it from the classes 2016 and prior made UVa fans think that Tony had a magic “under the radar” finder, but the recruiting classes since then have convinced me that while Tony might be slightly better than his peers, and he just got very fortunate for a while, and then worse than average for several years.

So it’s a probability thing: are we more likely to get top 25 guys or find diamonds? Both are unlikely so why not try both and increase the odds?

(Yes, I realize that using numbers here is somewhat reductive but what isn’t somewhat reductive?)


Trent Perry Box Score final. Had 2 more assists not counted in the box score.


Kon Knueppel game up next 10:30 (same court/stream as above).

Lol Kon is already on a tear. An assist, a smooth 3 in transition, and an open 3 on an offensive rebound. 8-0 and the other coach takes a time out.

Edit: and he blocks a shot out of the timeout. Also literally playing the point guard for his team.


Yeah and I agree with the point. But as we all know, I think the reason we don’t do top 25 is because we try and we can’t. Simply put, easier said than done.


Now they are double and triple teaming kon and switching everything onto him. Forcing the rest of his team to do something. Unfortunately the rest of his team is just not good.




The nip

Is this weekend just eybl or mixed?


EYBL. No streams for other shoes so idc about them lol