Tony's Biggest weakness as a coach is

We cannot live in the past, as every year is a NEW year. Otherwise why don’t we tell Tony to retire now so that we can remember the good years?

If not, and he wants to compete *each year then we should be talking about *each year. This year was poorly constructed, and we have enough data to understand some of the reasons why.

This is why we have this specific thread.

I was curious what other top schools have in regards to home state players. This is far from an exhaustive study but here’s what I quickly found.

I looked at the top 5 players (based on minutes played) on every national championship team going back to 2002. Of those 19 teams, 12 of them did not have a home state player in their top 5 minutes played, 5 of them had one home state player, and 2 of them had two home state players.


This is a very good point, and of course we can add Keels to the list as he *sometimes starts. Either way you’re right.

You’ve actually brought this up around football as well, and I definitely agreed then too, as there is a lot of talent in the 757, Nova and other places that coach Tony Elliott recognizes and brought on several recruiters that are helping to sew up those areas.

Does TB need to hire another assistant who can focus specifically on the DMV area as well? If not then I can see Tech begin to make some inroads to that talent in addition to UNC and dook.

Damn @Wahoos!!! Killing my argument - which is the point of the Forum. I am entertained…Good job on murdering my 1990’s themed thesis. Woody Hayes is pissed about this post by the way @Hooandtrue


I mean I still do agree with you. Not the “we need to get instate kids” but the “there are a couple instate kids I wish we had”. I do like Jeremy Roach and Mark Williams even if they are, at the end of the day, a poor man’s Reece and Kadin.

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I made a new thread for the not-tony-criticism-allowed types:


He’s tried different offensive schemes. Adapted his offenses to fit his personnel. He’s brought in transfers to fill immediate needs (rather than down the road needs).

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I don’t know if it necessarily kills your argument. There are some variables that could change the results. If it expanded to the top 8 players per team or looked at all top 10 teams from each season then it might be much different. Also each state is different. I wouldn’t expect UConn to rely on in-state players for example.

Fits our system AND will compliant with UVA standards…to this end it sounds like Keels (who we almost got) is going to have to be a OAD because he ceased attending classes at Duke. I’m not sure he’d still be playing at UVA or for CTB if he had come to C’ville. Am I wrong???

Did Keels stop classes?

Did Keels start classes?


At least now we know why Keels chose Duke over Virginia: It’s less academically demanding.



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Not picking up my drum or my trumpet, BUT, we basically have 5 full days until we watch the Final Four, which is the greatest day in sports in my opinion. Wondering what the same analysis would look like if we solved for teams making the Final Four instead of winning the National Championship? I think that’s a better measuring stick. Maybe it will support my thesis, or more likely, completely disprove my thesis about its importance? Don’t think it’s fair to only solve for a National Championship given where we are as a program. I think it would be interesting to see and maybe I will tackle that project this summer. Unless someone wants to step up and do it! My guess is that it will reveal that keeping in state players does matter but it’s just a guess. Perhaps we revisit this in June or July when we are watching secret/stolen video’s of our players in summer pick up games…. Or I can shut up and go back to watching the Celtics games.


Ugh … what are we to do without TimeLord - are we cooked?

DTW- I didn’t sleep last night. He changes the game. Tough one last night in Toronto. But I like what we are doing.

The biggest missed opportunity for Tony was Cuse E8 loss, not sure how much to pin on him vs Cuse just getting really hot and us missing shots. If we got to that F4, I believe we would have played UNC who was better than us, one of the few Roy teams that beat up on us.

UMBC loss team was really good but never viewed them as a F4 team after losing Hunter.

2014 team that lost to MSU was also a big missed opportunity, I think JA was coming back from injury but we were the still the better team. Other MSU lost, they were better team and just horribly seeded.

At best, I could see Tony having 2 more F4s but I’d trade our one Natty for that anyway.


I wouldn’t say UNC was better than us that year… We were very evenly matched, having played 2 close games, going 1-1. The ACC finals that year was a great back and forth game. Berry was their best player, by a large margin, both games… Hold him in check, and we’re in the finals that year. But, I do agree about the Cuse game, and it still stings!!

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My only issue with the Elite 8 Syracuse game is Brogdon shouldn’t have subbed out late. With extra rest coming there wasn’t a need and that’s when Syracuse started their run.

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Well good thing we’re not having similar conversations about Ty’s late game usage vs Auburn …

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