UVA basketball needs new Threads thread

The statement “any player coming back is in the photo” is not contradicted by a player who is not coming back also being in the photo. If x then y, does not equal if y then x. You can take the contrapositive that if not y then not x. This would make the statement “Igor is not in the picture, so he is not coming back” valid.


That’s a great LSAT response right there. :wink:


It’s been a few years, but wanted to see if I still had it


True - my comment was just a comment …:slight_smile:
Not a disprove statement.

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Maybe Igor’s Euro stylin suit was too much for the photo.


Just found this. My favorite uniforms we played in. Shorts were niiiiiiice with the V on the side


not naming this “The UVA needs new threads thread” was a huge missed opportunity


Bringing this back because of 2024 Caleb Williams photoshoot.

I just realized the biggest issue.

The blue on our current jerseys is this shade
Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 3.38.05 PM

When in reality it should/what it was on the old jerseys
Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 3.38.30 PM

That brighter less boring blue and generic blue.

(both of these from the different signs his family is holding in the last photo)

Nike has not changed the color blue on the jerseys, it’s a lack of orange (numbers/shoulder accents) that has changed (a big mistake imho) as well as a slight material change. Also, the blue that you’re comparing it with is from a dyed felt pennant. Don’t get me started on color science!

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It feels like the blue is more darker than the old jerseys. My untrained eyes thought the old jerseys were the lower bright blue

I’m all for public pressure to change the God awful jerseys, and I’m all about some orange but as long as this is true, it’s all pointless.


Speaking for the color blind members of this board, we all just stared at those two wheels for way too long, like Ethan Suplee in Chasing Amy.