UVa Players NBA Draft Chat

Reece is fine. Difference is Kyle is a shot hunter and as UVa fans we all rememember the makes


Reece is totally fine. He’s also not Kyle guy. But people get so hung up on shooting percentage.

You said it several times last season @DFresh11, if he makes himself a threat it matters a lot more than 5% change in make %


Yes. speaking from experience in HS

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Trey has more upside I believe. He can grow into his frame and athleticism and we know he can shoot it. Kispert likely won’t put on much for size and his athleticism is already lagging by NBA standards. I also was not impressed with his post season performance at all. I believe I watched all of Gonzaga’s tournament games and he seemed to shrink in the spotlight and had a bad championship game if I recall.


That 5 % will make him enough of a threat that they can’t lay off him. I personally believe the jump will be higher. Or maybe I’m just wishing real hard

If you do the math, make% is not the issue. He needs to shoot.

I think Kyle’s facing bigger, taller, faster, more athletic defenders and he’s not getting plays called for him where he can run them through 3 screens to get open for a catch and shoot jumper.

I don’t know if the Sixers want him, but he could be a Seth Curry clone backup there.

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FWIW The Athletic’s Sam Venecie just published his final draft rankings. Trey #16, Sam #67 and Jay #76.


Feels safe to say that Trey is obviously drafted likely just outside the lottery. Sam it seems like is going to go undrafted or a Kyle Guy late late pick, either way expect to see him in the Summer League (if they’re doing that this year) and Jay looks to be on the outside looking in, perhaps taking the Mike Tobey route.


Jay is the two way range. Definitely will be invited to summer league if he wants. Heck some of our guys not even on the radar for the top 100 prospects have played in summer league.

Vecenie’s been high in Trey from the start. Not surprising he’s projecting mid 1st. I think he’ll go in the second half of the 1st, but where will really depend on draft night deals. I suspect it’ll be a team expecting to contend in the playoffs for the next 3-5 years and needs outside shooting and is up against the salary cap.


Jay will absolutely not get a two-way deal.

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I think Jay can get an invite to the Summer League, teams need to fill out their rosters. But I don’t think he’ll get a two-way deal out of it.


Summer league is not a ‘can’ for Jay. It’s a stone cold, 1000000% lock that Jay will be at summer league unless Jay just doesn’t want to be. Guys with no NBA prospects like Akil and Darion played in summer league.

Jack salt was at summer league


Disagree. A player ranked 76th is absolutely on the radar for a two way.

I wouldn’t put too much stock in the rankings that deep. It’s just a national writer trying to get to 100 after the top 40 players or so…

I’m happy to be wrong. I just think that his age, poor combine performance and really lack of team tryouts (only Washngton + SA from what I can tell) aren’t trending in the right direction. But maybe he shows out in Summer League and earns one.

Each team only gets 2 two-way players. I’m not even sure how many of those are going to be available this year v. how many teams are using them to bring back players from last year. Some teams also use those slots for veteran type players.


I’m not putting much stock in it. Also not claiming he will definitely get one. Just said it’s a possibility. He’s on the radar and it will come down to individual team needs. Look no further than Mamadi and where his draft stock was last year. And Mamadi didn’t even have summer league to prove anything and still ended up on a two way.

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My guesses:

Summer league: Trey, Sam, Jay are definite. Brax and Mamadi are probable.

2-way: I think Sam is a shoo-in. Jay is a tougher call. He’s a maybe/probably.