UVa Players NBA Draft Chat

What’s Mamadi’s deal with the Bucks look like? I don’t recall.

Getting a Summer League invite is nice, but I wouldn’t read much into that. Most teams only have spots assigned for their draft picks and maybe the previous year’s. The rest of the squad is made up of hopefuls and maybes.

Three year NBA contract. Made 500k this year. He’s set to make $1.5M each of the next two years but none of its guaranteed upfront. He gets some guaranteed money if he makes the team past December.

Joe and Justin both played in the Summer League in their second year. I think there’s a shot Mamadi may as well unless they think it’s too quick of a turn-around.


Malc avoided it, but he won ROTY. I suspect Kyle and Ty would’ve played if there had been one in 2020. Probably not Dre. My general view is that only a handful of rookies (i.e., those between 1st and 2nd year) didn’t play. Maybe just the top 10? top 20 or so? Not sure…


Seems like the top 10 guys either don’t play or play very limited mins. If they play solid mins in their first season, they don’t play in the nxt year’s summer league.

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That was an in season contract he signed after he made the all g league team. He started off as one of their two way players. Quite a whirlwind year for Mamadi from going undrafted to the two way to balling out in the G League to getting the full time NBA deal to winning the title.


Heck Kyle might play in it again this year if he doesn’t head overseas or find a guaranteed NBA deal.


FWIW…from The Athletic…anonymous comments from NBA scouts

Sam Hauser, 6-8 senior forward, Virginia. “He’s not the quickest guy, but he really makes shots at a high level. Could he be like Dean Wade? Could he be Matt Bonner? He can be Georges Niang. He’s tougher than you think. His shooting disappointed me in Chicago, but because of his size and his shooting ability people will take a chance on him. He’ll be a mid-second-round pick because he does one thing very well, and that one thing is pretty important. I don’t think he’s going to be switchable defensively. He can’t run, he can’t jump, but he can stay in that corner and make shots.”

Trey Murphy III, 6-9 junior forward, Virginia. “He’s a lot bigger than I thought. Big-time athlete. He’s 6-9 and he can shoot and guard. Those guys don’t grow on trees. I’ve been surprised at how well he moves defensively. He’ll probably go in the first round because people see potential for him to defend on the perimeter against smaller guys. He can actually defend a four. Nice kid, very happy go lucky. For a guy with all that length and athleticism, he didn’t rebound it well in college. He needs to be a better finisher. He needs to be a tougher, more hard-nosed player. If you let him jump off two feet he will rock your world. He doesn’t have a great handle but he can do what Cam Johnson does.”


Sounds about right on both. Thanks for posting here


Awesome find and thanks for sharing. Both seem pretty spot on from my standpoint.


More interesting to me is this one on Matthew Hurt:

Matthew Hurt, 6-9 sophomore forward, Duke. “Should have gone back to Duke. Defensively he’s got to improve. Really needs to add strength to improve his lateral movement. I’m not going to say he can’t make it in the NBA, but if he doesn’t he can go overseas and make a lot of money. He struggled shooting the ball in Chicago. I’m not sure he has the mentality to overcome a lot of his stuff. He makes things more difficult than they have to be. He was disappointing with his body fat at the combine (15.2 percent). He’s a non-athlete. I don’t know who he guards.”

Traudt knows we can fix those deficiencies.


Ouch that is a burial if I’ve ever seen one. Also 15.2% bodyfat for a prime age basketball player feels extremely high.


Yeah, that’s remarkably high for a basketball player, especially a tall skinny guy like Hurt. Like, Sensabaugh might be lower than that, and he’s a round mound of rebound. I think the “baby Zion” moniker is a compliment and not inaccurate. I mean, he’s not a god-like athlete like Zion, but he’s much more athletic than you’d think to look at him.

Summer after my junior year of high school I went to wrestling camp for a few weeks at Iowa with a bunch of guys, many of whom went on to be D1 wrestlers (I ended up D3, went to UVA for grad school). There was one heavyweight who was “the fat guy” (he was fine with it, everyone loved him, and he was a pitbull of a wrestler), he had the worst bodyfat% of anyone of the 60-ish guys at the camp, and he was like ~18%. Most guys were 6-8%, and one guy was under 5% which kind of alarmed everyone. HS vs college and wrestling vs basketball, but it feels like useful context.


Thing is Traudt doesn’t even have that problem. Not going to go full hyperbole and say Traudt can match Hurt’s shooting but he is a much better athlete and defender than Hurt. And that’s before working with Mike Curtis.


Been on that wagon for a long time - and Hurt was a consensus top 20 HS player. Traudt is grossly mis-ranked.


I was shocked Hauser had a lower body fat % than Murphy at the combine. Just slightly but still. Both still much leaner than Hurt.

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That was a bit surprising but Hauser is also packing a lot more muscle. Honestly that’s the difference between 22 and 20. That extra year in a UVa weight room pays off.


Sorry if it is old news: Just got email today but article has date of July 21.

Sam Vecenie, The Athletic

17. Memphis Grizzlies

Trey Murphy | 6-9 wing | 21 years old, junior | Virginia

The player: A tailor-made 3-and-D fit for today’s NBA. Murphy hit 43.3 percent from 3 and 92.7 percent from the foul line this past season at 6-foot-9. He has extremely clean mechanics that project exceedingly well toward success at the next level. But more than that, he’s also a strong defender who moves his feet well and can slide to cut off penetration from opposing drivers. He’s switchable onto perimeter players right now, and as he keeps getting stronger — he’s a late bloomer physically who was 5-foot-8 as a freshman in high school — he has some potential to slide up the lineup defensively. He’s a name I’ve heard a lot of enthusiasm about from teams as we near the draft.

The fit: There has been arguably no more successful team in the draft in recent years than the Grizzlies. Murphy and Jaden Springer are the two names I’ve heard most for Memphis at No. 17, although they are thought to be one of the teams to have explored moving up. Murphy tick a lot of the boxes as a plus-character guy for an organization that genuinely cares about it, along with being a high-level floor spacer and defender to put next to Ja Morant, who we all know will be the creative driving force in Memphis for the foreseeable future.

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Where is Hurt projected at in the draft? I always wondered how that skinny body was going to hold up in the NBA?

Generally mid-late 2nd round I think.

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30 picks per round - correct? Sam Vecenie picks him 60th. That was as far as Vecenie picked. Picks 31 - 60 didn’t get the workup that 1 - 30 got.

12. San Antonio Spurs

Jalen Johnson | 6-8 forward | 19 years old, freshman | Duke

The player: We’re in the part of the draft where there are some flawed but interesting prospects who have high upsides but low floors. Johnson is a tremendous ballhandler and transition player for his size at the four. His best skill, though, is his passing ability. He’s very creative in how he sees over the defense, and he makes a lot of tough reads. The problem is that he’s not a particularly adept half-court scoring threat. Teams will just play the pass against him because he doesn’t shoot it confidently yet and doesn’t have an in-between floater game yet. If he ever shoots it, though, he has a good shot to turn into a real starter.

Johnson left Duke early this year and departed IMG Academy midway through his senior season, and NBA teams are working through his intel report to make a determination on how much they believe he’d fit within their organizations.

The fit: Another extremely polarizing player on whom scouts are all over the map. This is wild card No. 2. I’ve spent more time digging into Johnson’s draft standing than any other player this year. I’ve talked to a couple of executives for teams in the teens that have told me their team will not be selecting him. I’ve also talked to four different sources that seem to think Johnson is a lock in the lottery. Honestly, I’m not sure what to think. What I do know is that teams have some real questions about Johnson’s intel report that they’re still working through. When that is the case with one-and-done guys, they have a tendency to fall on draft night. Johnson’s range starts around here and reaches into the 20s. It’s wider than you’d think if a decision or two falls against him. He fits really well with the Spurs as a point forward, though, as they need further playmaking in the frontcourt.