Women's Basketball In-Season Thread

I always describe that as the day Justin Anderson saved Winslow’s life (by not killing him).


Here’s what makes this team hard to figure out. Our record vs. NET ranges:

vs. NET 1-25: 0-5
vs. NET 26-70: 0-0
vs. NET 71+: 14-0

The lack of any opponents in that middle group (where we are, NET 39) leaves us a mystery. To our credit, we played 4 teams in the NET 70-85 range and blew out three of them by 20+. And we got trounced by only one of those 5 top 25 teams. So maybe we’re pretty good? :person_shrugging:


That is some crazy statistics right there @dave92


Anything about Sam’s “fighting” foul that affects her playing time in today’s game? Returning to ND has to be a big deal for her anyway. Hope she doesn’t have to deal with any additional BS from the FSU game.

Didnt she draw a 1 game suspension for the ND game?


Ugh. If so, I’d missed it. Even more pissed at that FSU player now.


Same for me. I havent seen the play but seems kinda absurd from what people have said happened

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Figured she got a 1 game didn’t think about it being for the ND game one you know she wanted.

I hate to see it but I get the suspension, I guess. The absurd part for me is that the FSU player just got a regular foul for locking up Sam’s foot to start the whole thing. Not much of a basketball play to what she did. And then she gets nothing for tauting Sam as she runs of the court…IN JPJ. She wasn’t hidden on the bench when she did it, she was out on the court. THAT is bullshit.


Yeah if I were Mox I would put up a BIG stink about it.


The FSU girl hid it better. Locking up Sam’s leg was dirty but not obvious and could at least past an eye test. Sam kicked her no way around a totally non basketball play. The taunting when sam got ejected wasn’t classy but 100% not worthy of a suspension.

It’s the old saying the one who retaliates is the one who gets caught.


Certainly not suspension worthy. A T at home would have been nice though.

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Is Sam able to play today?

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As @DFresh11 noted, she’s not playing today. Which totally sucks for her. It won’t mean much to the team because we wouldn’t have won anyway, but at least we could have been rooting for her to do well against her former team.


I hate that for her


A second fighting foul would result in a season suspension. Damn.


I just watched that and to call that a fighting foul is taking that too far.The other player instigated it and she reacted. A fighting foul is definitely not wha I wouldcall that. She just reacted to being held. A flagrant 1 maybe. I dont know. It just don’t seem fair to me

Our first quarter scoring:

First 9 minutes: 4 points
Last 1 minute: 5 points

I think Pauley and Dale played the entire 2nd quarter, which has to be the longest run either one of them has gotten this whole year. Pauley is looking pretty good!

Sure wish we could play this game with Sam and Mir in the lineup.